Honey Garlic Salmon Soba Bowls

Honey Garlic Salmon Bowls

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Welcome to our last review of January! Crazy–this year is already starting in super-speed, right? On that note, let’s keep the reviews rolling with this week’s look at a dinner recipe that combines plenty of delicious flavors and textures all in one bowl.

This week’s recipe is courtesy of Half Baked Harvest. You can find the recipe right -> here!

One of the reasons I enjoy these types of recipes is that they look delicious. We do start our food journey by feasting with our eyes, right? However, this recipe review is also a lesson in paying close attention to the ingredients and identifying when something will need adjusting.

garlic salmon bowl

Read The Recipe From Start To The Reviews

After working on these reviews for quite some time now, I’ve certainly learned to always read each and every part of the recipe–all the way down to the comments. We are only human and sometimes there may be errors in the ingredient list or directions that might have been caught by a fellow cook before the recipe card is officially updated. My goal as a review blogger is to let you all know how these recipes turn out.

This is certainly one of these recipes that require you to read the comments. In the picture, this dish looks heavenly. Beautifully cooked salmon pieces, stunningly charred broccoli and brussel sprouts, and delightfully creamy soba noodles. Every component is different and is expected to come together to taste really delicious.

This is the first recipe in a while that I felt a bit uncertain about while reading the ingredients list. Why? For many of the recipes that I try, the culprit is always the sodium content. While the dish looks great, it’s way too salty to eat. I admit after a few recipes like that, I always find myself looking at every part of the recipe to understand how it all comes together.

This recipe was no different, and I’m glad that I had picked up this process in my reviews because a generous commentator left some very valuable notes about the amount of soy sauce that is used.

For gluten-free, we use Tamari or coconut aminos, of course. 🙂

For this recipe, I used the recommendation of cutting the soy sauce amount in half (and using water for the remaining amount indicated on the recipe card. This way you keep the needed volume of the sauce without adding anything else and completely changing the flavor.

As always I recommend trying recipes as they are, but sometimes you just don’t want to make something that won’t be seasoned properly.

garlic salmon bowl

Grey’s Grade: 3.5/5

In the end, the garlic salmon bowl tasted great. The flavors were well balanced and everything was cooked to the needed doneness. That was because I decided to read all the comments that were made on this recipe. When I ended up making dishes that were too salty, they literally hurt to eat. After that, I certainly didn’t want to do that again, so I’ve been watching these types of recipes closely. Recipe cards that call for something on the spicier or saltier side–heed caution. Know how much you can handle and absolutely taste along the way.

This will save you plenty of concerned faces at the dinner table :).

The main reason I did give this recipe for the garlic salmon bowl a 3.5 is that I saw multiple people mentioning that the sauce was too salty. As folks who are just looking for something new to try, they may already be overwhelmed and not scroll all the way down to read the comments. Let me tell you there’s nothing more disappointing than a meal that just doesn’t taste right despite you following all the steps exactly as they are written.

Regardless, I’d like to shout out all of these wonderful people who actually do post their honest thoughts on these posts! You guys seriously save many people from kitchen disasters!

What are some of your favorite meals? You know, those fool-proof meals that never disappoint?

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