Healthier Chicken Marsala (GF)

Enjoying Your Favorite Meals Without Feeling Weighed Down

I’m all for cooking healthy meals, but I’m more interested in finding healthier spins on already delicious dishes, just like today’s recipe for Chicken Marsala. Ever since I switched to a gluten-free diet, I’ve been curious about trying more gluten-free pasta, so I figured what better recipe than Chicken Marsala! This is a dish that my mom often requested my dad to make. It was always a special treat because it normally doesn’t scream “healthy”. Yes, it used heavy whipping cream, but there’s plenty of ways to swap out ingredients to make this work and taste great.

Chicken Marsala can be made for any special occasion, or even as special as during the week, especially when it’s this version that I’m reviewing today!

Alright–let’s get to it.

This recipe comes courtesy of What Molly Made and the recipe can be found right -> here!

Chicken Marsala by What Molly Made

All The Flavor Without The Heaviness Of Cream

So many delicious sauces feel like a warm hug because they tend to be loaded with cream or cheese. Not gonna lie, I cherish any time I get to eat something so delicious, however, this isn’t something you should indulge in every day, right? So what about a recipe that tastes delicious, but doesn’t feel as heavy?

Chicken Marsala, regardless of how you make it will not be under 500 calorie meal. One thing I’ve tried to keep in mind is the type of ingredients that are being used. I also stopped comparing recipes just by the number of calories each serving has. Look deeper into the quality of your ingredients.

I tend to have sensitivity when cooking with heavy cream. Tastes delicious, but I always end up with a stomach ache later. When I made this recipe. I felt perfectly fine when cooking with coconut milk. So, not only is this recipe gluten-free, but it’s also lighter on your body. I call that a winner in my book.

What To Serve With Chicken Marsala?

One of my favorite pairings for chicken marsala is pasta. Now that I’ve been gluten-free for almost 2 months, I’ve been exploring gluten-free pasta. Whole Foods has awesome fresh gluten-free pasta in their refrigerated section. You can choose any other pasta, or even make your own. Jazz it up!

If you’re not wanting to have pasta, some other great serving options can be found on the recipe, such as potatoes or your favorite roasted veggies.

Keep it as light as you’d like!

gluten-free chicken marsala
Grey’s Chicken Marsala

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

One of my favorite parts of seeking out gluten-free recipes is finding our favorites, and making them using ingredients that are gluten-free compliant. This one is no different. Because this is a recipe that my mother has requested so many times at home, I really wanted to review this recipe to see if it meets the hype. If you didn’t pick up on it yet–it does. This tastes delicious and absolutely satisfies the craving for that delicious marsala flavor.

What Molly Made brings forth the best parts of Chicken Marsala without gluten and without dairy. This is an absolutely dream!

Cooking gluten-free isn’t all that bad, but what about ordering out? Exactly. Many restaurants are including gluten-free menu’s but I can guarantee you that you won’t’ often find chicken marsala on the gluten-free menu. So at least here you have a recipe that you can make at home and satisfy your craving.

Frankly, it tastes better than it would be served at a restaurant. THERE. I said it 🙂

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