#1 Best Craft Beef Jerky From JerkyGent

Happy 2020, friends!

Our year is starting off strong with new subscription box discoveries and reviews! Let’s saddle up and jump right into our first review of the year!

For January we’re featuring a craft beef jerky box that is based out of the United States–Las Vegas, Nevada, to be exact.

Let’s say hello to JerkyGent.

I came across this subscription while I was prepping some social media posts. Seeing the name JerkyGent, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to expect. Clearly by the name alone, I figured it was a product geared towards men. Naturally, I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

What’s the Big Deal With JerkyGent?

JerkyGent was started by two individuals who were tired of gas station jerky. Yeah, guys…me too. When I first heard of beef jerky in the US, I could only picture that red and black packaging. Can I remember the name? Nope. Shows how memorable it was for me. The guys over at JerkyGent decided to shed light on the growing passion of company’s creating some excellent craft jerky. All local. I’ve had a small share of craft jerky and that was often when I had my afternoon walks to Whole Foods (back when I worked right around the corner from one).

So, when I found this box, I was interested, especially since I don’t often go out to find new types of beef jerky. I thought I’d listen to some experts.

If you don’t know where to start, this box may indeed be for you. The breakdown of prices and what is included is very simple.

You have a choice between 3 sizes:

JerkyGent Plan Options
  • JerkyGent Mini – $16/month
  • JerkyGent Classic – $28/month
  • JerkyGent XL – $56/month

For review purposes, I went with the best seller: JerkyGent Classic. Because it was my first box, I received a discount. Hint hint, nudge nudge–you can too! At the time of purchase (Jan. 2020), the discount for new subscribers was 25%. Not too bad when you’re looking at 4 full-size bags of beef jerky. Each plan gives you access to subscriber pricing, which can be used in their store for when you decided to come back for more!

Aside from size selection, you can customize your plan to your taste palette. Whether you like mild, spicy, traditional, or something on the more adventerous side–you have the option to customize it.

I will make one note here: there are gluten-free beef jerky packs, however there is no dietary specifications when choosing your plan. If you’re looking for gluten-free, I recommend checking out their store. You can filter for dietary needs–NEAT!

But Grey? What Was In The Box?

I know the part we’re all waiting for is to see what I actually got. Everything above, you can find on the main page of the website or described by other bloggers. Before we begin talking about the wonderful flavors in the box, I wanted to mention that this subscription box has very sleek packaging. It doesn’t have much flair too it (thank goodness). It’s black, has the logo on the front, and the slogan on the side. Perfect.

Now, let’s talk about the 4 bags of jerky that I got in my JerkyGent Classic plan!

For my spiciness and flavor preferences, I decided to go with “Try them all”. I am reviewing this, after all. Might as well.

All 4 packages came tightly sealed and in perfect condition after their travel to me. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed 3 of the 4 bags that I received. The flavor profiles were right up my alley, which I really enjoyed. Yes–even the bag that I did not really LOVE. If you’re wondering which one I’m referring to, that would be the People’s Choice: Carne Seca. It was more-so the texture of the jerky that wasn’t my favorite, but the flavor itself was alright.

In all seriousness, for liking 3 of the 4 bags, I know I got my money’s worth. If you’re trying a new subscription box, you have to understand that you’re getting a sampling. Not all products will be hits. There will be misses, and that’s quite alright. You know what you can do with the items that weren’t your favorite? Give them to your friends, your family, or heck–bring them to your office! I know the break room will devour it all!

Is JerkyGent Worth It?

If you like beef jerky–absolutely! I can definitely see myself going back to this box again either for myself, or as a gift for someone else. The price isn’t too over the top, and you get full-size bags! I call that a win.

If you’re on the fence about trying this box, here is my nudge. It won’t hurt to try. I’m certainly not disappointed that I did.

If you tried this box or have comments on it, feel free to share!

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As always…happy snacking!



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