GreyEyes Cooks: Chipotle-Glazed Salmon

So good I made it TWICE!

Here we are again, my dears, with yet another recipe that I discovered online. As always, we’re following the criteria of simple, tasty, and quick recipes to enjoy over the weekend or during a busy week.

As I mentioned, I actually ended up making this twice already. Made it on Sunday for dinner and then again on Tuesday night!

This super simple and satisfying recipe can be found here, courtesy of the amazing Sally’s Baking Addiction! If you haven’t checked her out–you seriously should.

Sally actually grilled her salmon on a cedar plank, but that wasn’t an option for me. Luckily, the recipe provides baking instructions as well. In my opinion, I’ve gotten the hang of baking salmon without it drying out. For this recipe, I bought salmon portion fillets from Whole Foods, which were about 1 in. thick. I baked them for 11 minutes and they came out AMAZING. UGH! Seriously. It was flaky like butter and just melted in your mouth. I tried this using both a electric oven as well as a gas oven. As always, keep en eye out for time when baking anything, because ovens do vary with how they heat.

This recipe was very quick to make, which is always a winning bit for me! The glaze was very easy to make and coated so nicely over the salmon, but I would like to STRESS the importance of having a basting brush. I got a inexpensive silicon one at TJ Maxx and it has been a recipe saver. Everything was coated evenly–seriously delicious.

I know it can be tough to throw together a dinner on a weekday, especially after a long day at work, but this came together in under an hour. I came home from work, cooked some basmati rice, steamed some broccoli, and popped the salmon in the oven. And I even got to enjoy a glass of wine. Dinner was on the table before 7 PM, which is honestly…amazing. I can’t recommend this recipe enough.

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I’d honestly give this a 10/5–let’s be serious here. When I made this on Sunday evening, I didn’t get to try it, but my boyfriend was the first taste tester. The salmon was just as flaky and buttery as when I made it again on Tuesday. The flavor combination of the chipotle seasoning (it was actually smoked chipotle and jalapeno seasoning), honey, and garlic was outstanding. Salmon on its own is generally pretty bland, so this glaze just knocked it out of the park! Wow.

This recipe will definitely be made again. And again.

And dare I say it?


I hope you guys give this recipe a try and I genuinely mean that.

As always…happy nomming and happy weekend!


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