GreyEyes Cooks: Cheese Stuffed Rolls

I’m not a professional cook, nor am I am professional baker, but I do love to give it my all with everything that I try. Let this be a introduction to what I tried to make this past weekend 😉

I found this recipe while scrolling down my feed on Twitter and I was enticed to give it a go. I thought maybe down the line I’d finally do it, but apparently that ended up being this weekend when I found out most of my weekend would be spent in the city. I wanted to make something savory that would be comforting on a extremely cold weekend.

Clearly the answer involved carbs and cheese. Lots of cheese.

Oh! And you can find this recipe right—> here!

What makes me most nervous about baking is knowing exactly when something is DONE. Sure, I know you can use the toothpick method, or even another utensil to see if it comes out clean after baking, but there’s always a chance that there will be a spot where something didn’t bake all the way. This chance is MUCH higher when there is a stuffing. So, in other words, it was straight up praying to whatever baking God would listen for the entire process.

I’ve never baked rolls before, let alone work with active dry yeast. I’ve made muffins, cupcakes, banana bread–that kind of stuff, but never anything like this. It’s quite simple, but my fear of baked good not turning out kept me from taking the plunge. Well, guess what? I did it AND they turned out awesome!

The first part that left me nervous wreck was the first 30 min or having to wait for the dough to rest. Question–will it get bigger, will it explode? Who knew–I just wanted it to go right.

Active dry yeast, y’all!
Yummy mixture of cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, and cherry tomatoes!

Okay, I exaggerated that a bit–I knew exactly what I was looking for, and luckily that was our result. The dough rose just enough in the 30 minutes that was required. While I waited, I made the filling. Next time, I’ll have to let the cream cheese sit out longer, so it’s a lot softer! But, we live and we learn, right? Overall, the most challenging part of this recipe was actually forming the rolls with the stuffing. The recipe was supposed to yield 8. We managed with 7, haha!

So…what did Grey think?

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

Alright. I’m sure that people have critique of every recipe, but I am so damn proud of myself! This was the first time I ever made rolls from scratch. I was nervous about the rolls not baking all the way through. It makes me even more nervous when there’s a filling involved. The moisture from the tomatoes made me uneasy, but once the rolls rested enough and I cut one to taste–THEY WERE PERFECT! I’d love to remake this recipe with a different filling. Maybe a spinach and artichoke dip filling? Mmm, perfect appetizer!

My rating stands at a solid 5/5. I will remake this. I will recommend this.
If you make these, I wish you luck, but I mostly hope that you get to enjoy this tasty and savory treat!

As always…

Happy Nomming!