Gluten-Free Marble Bundt Cake Perfect For Easter 2022!

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Time and time again I find myself thinking that there’s no way that gluten-free recipes can match gluten-containing treats. I am here to prove my negative thoughts wrong and to share with you one of my new favorite recipe finds for a delicious bundt cake!

One of the things I miss most about my younger years is Sunday mornings when I would sit down to write. My mom would bake something deliciously sweet to have with tea or coffee over the weekend, and the day would just feel that much brighter. Since going gluten-free, I have been more stand-offish about baking. It’s the dang texture! I was so tired of looking up recipes that start mixing different types of flours and starches–I am not a professional baker. I am simply an amateur home cook/baker and I want something sweet to share with my loved ones.

That is why I absolutely LOVE 1:1 all-purpose and baking flours by some of my favorite brands. My absolute favorite so far has been Bob’s Red Mill. I have many flour mixes from them that I love testing and honestly–I haven’t been disappointed as of yet. The author of this recipe uses Better Batter, a flour brand I am looking forward to trying soon, but I can confirm that Bob’s Red Mill worked out just fine for this recipe.

This recipe was followed using Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 Baking flour. If you’re looking to explore gluten-free baking, then this will be your not-so-secret key to a successful bake. Frankly, I follow gluten-containing recipes and just swap in this flour. Haven’t heard a single complaint!

But okay, okay–you’re here for the recipe review!

Today we’re talking about Gluten-Free on a Shoe String’s recipe for a Marble Bundt Cake. You can find the recipe right -> here!

gluten-free bundt cake

Bundt Cake Texture is KEY!

One of the biggest issues I had with gluten-free cooking is that the texture would never be totally “right”. And a bundt cake texture is…its own. It’s not exactly cakey, but it’s also not light and fluffy like an angel food cake. This recipe gets it right, and honestly, I think that the flour has a lot to do with it.

I’ve tried a cupcake recipe in the past that was 100% gluten-free and the cupcakes didn’t rise, they tasted strangely dense–DESPITE me actually following each direction to the DOT. The difference there was that the dry mix combined different types of flours, such as almond flour, tapioca flour, etc.

This bundt cake recipe is perfect as it is. The texture is wonderful and the flavor is just right. It’s not too sweet and it pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea!

Recipe Instructions That Don’t Stress You Out

Baking instructions are extremely important to a successful bake. Luckily, this recipe is very clear on instructions so if followed exactly, then you’re in for a treat. If something doesn’t turn out, then it will be easy to determine where something went wrong. However, I do not anticipate you all having any issues with this recipe. The only direction that I feel can be adjusted is the bake time, but that is based on your oven. Like all bakes, use the baking times as a guideline. Bake until the bundt cake is set and and a toothpick comes out clean. My bakes ended up taking a bit longer to bake completely.

gluten-free bundt cake

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

This gluten-free bundt cake recipe is truly one of my favorites. As someone who is trying to get more into baking, this was a simple recipe that resulted in a delicious treat. I was very happy because I got to share this with a neighbor as well as my husband’s coworkers. Truly such a joy when a recipe turns out. If you’re looking for something to make for Easter this year or maybe just to have something sweet to have at home, then I highly recommend this recipe.

It’s simple, delicious, and 100% gluten-free! Couldn’t have asked for a better recipe for a marble bundt cake! Thanks for sharing your creations Gluten-Free On a Shoestring!

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