Gluten-Free General Tso’s Chicken

Takeout Without The Fear Of Cross-Contamination?

While not diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I still worry about cross-contamination. I can only imagine what people with Celiac disease have to go through when it comes to planning an outing or ordering takeout. So this week’s review is meant to take the stress out of ordering out by offering you a simple and delicious recipe for a takeout favorite – General Tso’s Chicken! Yum!

Some of my favorite recipe finds are all about recreating your restaurant favorites. Whether you’re trying to watch what you eat or have a dietary restriction, trying out these recipes allows you to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. No stress, just pure deliciousness with this recipe for General Tso’s Chicken.

This recipe is courtesy of Whitney Bond and the recipe can be found right -> here!

Whitney Bond's General Tso's Chicken
Whitney Bond’s General Tso’s Chicken

Not the Same As Takeout, But Just As Tasty

I think one of the most important parts to consider when making a recipe inspired by your favorite takeout is that it will likely never taste exactly the same (duh). Doesn’t make it a bad recipe, because you’re making a healthier alternative for YOU. General Tso’s Chicken is traditionally deep-fried, which gives it that nice crispy coating. When trying to omit the frying, many recipes tend to utilize seasoned corn starch, which is exactly what this recipe calls for.

While not deep-fried, there still is a little bit of a “coating”. Make sure you let the chicken brown long enough on each side to keep it from getting mushy!

So, while this dish isn’t deep-fried, General Tso’s vibe is in the sauce, my friends. That’s exactly what attracted me to this recipe. I do have some tips for that, too!

Can You Handle Your Spice?

One of the things that I look for when reviewing recipes is the variety of ingredients. This recipe caught my eye because of the use of dried red chilies. I’ve had some hanging out in my pantry that I’ve been dying to use! Now, this recipe calls for 8 dried chilies which made me a little nervous.

I’ve tried recipes before where the spice is OVERKILL, so being familiar with the flavor, I decided to tone it down on the spice. In my case, I only used about 4 dried red chilies. To be honest, we would have been okay with adding 2-3 more chilies. If you are very sensitive to spice, I would stick to about 3-4 of the dried chilies along with the remaining spices in the sauce. While not extremely spicy, there is a fantastic flavor in the sauce that doesn’t require intense heat.

General Tso's Chicken
Grey Makes General Tso’s Chicken

Looking For Spices?

If you’re wanting to try this recipe out, but missing the dried red chilies, I have a few recommendations on where you can find them. I got lucky and restocked my supply at Whole Foods, however as I am writing this today, they are no longer available. It’s worth a try to check, because your local Whole Foods may stock them.

Another option is visiting your local Asian Grocer. I’m very lucky to live in an area that allows me great access to these types of shops. For those of you who don’t have any near you on the East Coast (specifically NYC / Parts of NJ & Long Island)–check out this grocery service that brings Asian produce and spices that you may want to check out! Asian Veggies is a company that was born from the pandemic. It’s a great way to support Asian-owned businesses as well!

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

For those missing the flavors of their favorite takeout, this is definitely a great recipe to try. Sure, it’s not deep-fried, but it sure does taste great. That sauce goes wonderfully with some rice and veggies, so this may just be your next household favorite! Plus, if you’re a household of 1, then you’ll likely have some tasty leftovers!

I really enjoyed this recipe, because the ingredients listed make sense. The spice level works, but if you need to tone it down–you absolutely can without sacrificing any flavor. This recipe for General Tso’s Chicken is a winner in my book and will definitely be added to my list of definite repeats.

Whitney Bond, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe, especially for so many of us who have to do deep reads of takeout menus! Homecooking is super fun, especially when we get to bring in our favorite flavors!

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