Family-Style Sushi Bake

The Sushi Bake–One Of The Many Viral Food Trends

I know I’m not the only one who has seen all these viral food trends and stops to think for a second: “Does this work? Does this actually taste good?” I’ve tried a few little kitchen hacks here and there, but these new food trends are on a new level. And frankly? I think I’ll be adding them into my review rotation. How does that sound?

One of the more recognizable food trends I’ve seen is the sushi bake. From what I’ve seen online, this appears to be quite popular in Hawaii.

This dish is very easy to put together. It can be enjoyed as your main dish, or as an appetizer that many people can enjoy.

This delightful family meal comes courtesy of The Missing Lokness and the recipe can be found right -> here!

Sushi Bake

Quick, Easy, And Tasty!

This sushi bake is made like a casserole–meaning, it has layers! It includes all the deliciousness of a California sushi roll! We’re talking about the rice, imitation crab, avocado, nori seaweed and delicious spicy mayo as a topper!
Of course, there are other rolls that you can incorporate into this sushi bake. Keep in mind, however, that this casserole is baked, so I wouldn’t recommend using raw fish. It just wouldn’t be the same.

As mentioned above, this requires only a few ingredients and once prepped and put together, you’re only about 20 minutes away from enjoying this meal. Of course, this doesn’t include the time to cook the rice. This makes a great weeknight meal, or even a fun appetizer for a gathering.

The Missing Lokness’ recipe is very clear and easy to follow. I do highly recommend sticking to the ingredients listed on this recipe, and yes–that does mean the mayo. I had actually ordered some Kewpie mayo specifically for this review and it arrived late. I wasn’t able to use it, but I can tell you it does make quite the difference. If you’ve never tasted Japanese mayo it’s a bit sweeter with a nice hint of umami. It’s also a bit thicker than regular mayo. Trust me. Just get it. There will be no regrets.

As long as you stick to these ingredients, then I can assure you that you’ll have a fun and delicious family-style dish!

Anything To Change?

The instructions included in this sushi bake recipe are, as stated above, very easy to follow. The ingredients aren’t too difficult to find, especially if you have access to an International section at your grocery store, an Asian grocery store, or well…Amazon. So I wouldn’t recommend changing any of the ingredients, however, I would adjust one thing about this recipe, and that is the amount of spicy mayo. I used a similar size of casserole dish, which mean I had the similar amount area to cover. While it does taste yummy, it’s also what makes this casserole pop in color! When broiled, that spicy mayo bubbles nicely.

So, if you’re making this, use the instructions for making the spicy mayo as guidance. The ratio is absolutely correct. If you end up making more to cover more of the casserole, then add the mayo first and the sriracha drop by drop. You want to have the perfect balance for this spicy mayo on your sushi bake.

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

I think this was such a fun recipe to try and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to try something a little different and interactive. I can certainly see myself making this again with some of the adjustments I stated above. Plus, I would love to finally try this with the proper mayo to get the full experience. So, if you’re a fan of sushi, I would highly recommend this, as long as you take into consideration that this isn’t technically…sushi. It’s a casserole made up of rice and the ingredients commonly found in a California roll.

The only reason I give this recipe a 4.5 is for the instructions on the spicy mayo. Because I review recipes as they are, I can show you all what to look out for. This is mainly for looks because the flavor regardless is AWESOME. But if you’re looking for “picture-perfect”, then you know what will need to be adjusted to make that happen.

At this point, I think we can count this food trend tested and approved by our household!

Are there any food trends that you’ve been looking to try? Do you have any favorites? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Until next time…Stay Grey-Mazing!

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