Delectable Asian Salmon Dinner

I think we can all agree that cooking is one part, but plating is another. As I started finding more and more recipes to try, I also found myself wanting to improve my plating techniques. My new work in progress!

Luckily, I got to test it out with this beautiful recipe for Crisp Asian Salmon with Bok Choy and Rice Noodles.

This recipe is courtesy of Food & Wine Magazine. You can find it right -> here!

What I find myself missing most about a weekend night restaurant experience is the beautiful presentations of entrees. I mean, it’s a stunning craft! Now, you can wow yourself, your family, or whoever you’re quarantined with.

Food & Wine Magazine's Crisp Asian Salmon recipe. Click on image for link.
Food & Wine Magazine’s Crisp Asian Salmon

Skin-On Salmon or Skin-Off?

I’ve worked with both types of salmon portions in my cooking, but after several recipes, I can say that I prefer skin-on salmon much more than skin-off. The salmon remains beautifully crisp on the outside and deliciously tender on the inside. That texture combination simply melts in your mouth.

I think for this recipe skin-on works well because you want that nice crisp crust on the salmon.

Doesn’t it Take a Long Time to Cook a Broth?

There is truth in this–absolutely. This shouldn’t stop you from making this, because I promise you’ll be at the dinner table in a fraction of the time. If you use store-bought chicken broth and the aromatic ingredients (please, please, PLEASE, use only FRESH ginger), you’re going to be in for a wonderful treat.

Although we see recipes and videos telling us the time-consuming process of broth-making for yummy soups, there are some short-cuts you can take that will still taste delicious and let you experiment with all the great recipes for soups, such as ramen! And yes, this recipe for crisp Asian Salmon is included.

Of course, if you’re looking for your perfectly authentic broths, then yes, it will take longer, but it will absolutely be worth it.

Perfectly cooked rice vermicelli, vibrant bok choy, delicious broth, and crispy Asian Salmon–this is a winner!

How to Cook Rice Vermicelli

While this recipe for Crip Asian Salmon will receive a good rating, I do have to admit that there is a direction I don’t agree with. Rice vermicelli is a lot different than your traditional Italian pasta. It does not require to be boiled. All that your serving of rice vermicelli will need is a few minute soak in warm/hot water. To know when it’s done, you’ll see that the noodles are almost translucent in the water. When you taste it, you don’t want it al dente, but also not complete mush.

Keep in mind, the rice will be in a pool of hot broth once served.

Crisp Asian Salmon recipe followed by Grey
Grey’s Crisp Asian Salmon

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

I don’t often take half points off, but the directions about the vermicelli puzzled me. I may be an amateur home cook, but I love to share my acquired knowledge (through a lot of trial and error) with you. That’s how we learn, right? We share our experiences and grow as cooks!

So, if there’s anything that you take from me: follow the instructions on the noodle package and not the recipe, and your Crip Asian Salmon will be an absolute hit! Not to mention, your pictures will be stunning! If you choose to photograph your work of art.

The overall flavor is lovely! The aromatics in the broth tickle your nose and warm your belly. The salmon is beautifully crisp and tender. The Bok Choy is tender and stunningly vibrant green. I mean, can you really complain about such a pretty dish?

But…does it meet my important criteria?


I’m only cooking for two, so buying the salmon portions rather than an entire fillet ended up within my budget. I also often cook with aromatics and Asian seasoning and sauces, so many of the broth items were typical pantry items for me. This, however, will not add up to a large sum of money if you don’t have the needed items. It’s a beautiful dish that doesn’t break that bank, and also doesn’t leave you hovering over pots and pans for hours.

I call that a winner.

This week I encourage you all to try something new. Whether it’s this crisp salmon recipe or something else that you haven’t tried before. Step out of your comfort zone and wow yourself.

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As always,

Happy Nomming!

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