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A Seasonal Subscription Box With A Great Impact

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CauseBox (AllTrue)

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Hello everyone! Before we get started with this week’s review, I’d like to share some news about this box with you. At the time of my purchase as well as at the time when I actually received the box, this company still went under the name of CauseBox. It is in recent weeks that this company has rebranded to the name of AllTrue. This decision appears to have been years in the making, which is understandable as they are looking to expand their mission of educating and building a community built on kindness and education about sustainability. In the coming months, they will continue to expand on what these seasonal boxes have provided to so many people.

This CauseBox that I have purchased is the Spring 2021 box consisting of items that support ethically sourced and sustainable companies.

Let’s chat about it!

CauseBox (AllTrue) Box

Why Choose CauseBox (AllTrue)?

I believe that as we get older, that we look for ways to be better humans. We want to leave this place better than we found it. That is one reason why this subscription service caught my attention. There are so many name-brand services and products out there that many small businesses don’t get to shine as brightly, even when they are offering products that are much more sustainable.

CauseBox focuses on bringing attention to these businesses and products. They send them out in seasonal boxes and also include a catalog so you can explore these brands going forward. I love supporting women-owned businesses, so I was extremely thrilled to receive an item that was designed and sold by a company led by women for women. The message in each box is one of kindness, sustainability, and mindfulness.

If you’re looking to be a more thoughtful consumer, I highly recommend checking out this service. Yes, even after their rebrand their love for these products and services will continue, and even expand into other areas to continue to educate everyone who will come across them in the form of a community and even podcasts. Keep an eye out for them–they will continue to do great things.

Quality of the Box – Is it Worth It?

We can talk about sustainability all we want, but if you’re spending money on a service that provides these products, you want to make sure you’re still getting your money’s worth. This seasonal subscription box cost me a little over 40 USD, and that was with a first-time customer discount. It’s also good to check for those, my friends!

The items inside the box were in great condition. They were untouched and of very good quality. Per the catalog provided, the box was absolutely worth more than I had paid for it. With having received full-size items, such as the upcycled napkins and the beautiful canvas tote, I feel very pleased with my purchase and support of these brands. Again, this service is very quickly going to be added to my end-of-the-year subscription box collection for gift recommendations.

Nice job, CauseBox (AllTrue).

CauseBox Items (alltrue)

When it comes to recommending this box, I would do so without hesitation. There are plenty of services out there that focus on organic products, but this is one of the first that I’ve found that look to source their selections from companies that aim to produce their products ethically. We can all do our part and expose ourselves to their companies that CauseBox (AllTrue) aims to shine a bright light on.

If you’re looking to educate yourself on what this company is doing and how they are doing it–feel free to check out their annual Impact Report that is made very public on their website. Their 2020 Impact Report is live and can be found right -> here.

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