Are Snow Days Pizza Bites Worth The Gluten-Free Hype?

Nostalgia In Every (Pizza) Bite–Check!

Hello friends!

In my never-sending search for gluten-free products that scratch that gluten-missing itch…I finally decided to try Snow Days Pizza Bites!

I first heard the name while standing in line at the Nourished Festival and just recently stumbled across Snow Days while doing my weekly shopping at Target. I’ll start off by saying this–if you miss the nostalgic taste of Totino’s Pizza Rolls, then you’re going to love Snow Days Pizza Bites. They’re gluten-free and honestly just better for you all around.

So why not have your tasty treat knowing it’s not all that bad for you? Exactly. So let’s talk Pizza Bites!

While you can certainly find these in store, check out their website to see all their options and their handy store locator, in case you needed it. You can find it right -> here!

Snow Days Pizza Bites

Different Flavors of Pizza Bites

If you’re looking for variety, then you’re in luck. Snow Days currently has six flavors available in stores. While I was at my Target, there were only three in stock, so if you find something on their website that you’re excited about…best to check the store locator first…just in case!

But all in all, having six flavors available, all with a fun variety, Snow Days sets themselves up to be a tasty treat.

For my review, I picked up their new uncured pepperoni pizza bites. I wanted there to be cheese, tomato, plus something else. I feel like cheese and tomato sauce is just…expected. Plus, it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed LOL! Cute!

Snow Days Pizza Bites Uncooked

Cooking Instructions For the Pizza Bites

The package includes two methods of preparing the pizza bites. The typical oven at 425 F or the air fryer at 400.

For my taste test, I used the air fryer and it was PERFECT. The pizza bites were golden, crisp, and completely melted and hot on the inside. Totino’s fans–remember that molten heat that burned the roof of our mouthes? I tried hard not to relive that. I swear.

Getting to the point–the air fryer method was excellent. 5 minutes at 400 F cooked these little pizza bites perfectly without forcing the filling to burst from the crust. Nice! It’s nice to have presentable snacks at the table, right?

Snow Days Pizza Bites Cooked

The Flavor…The Pizza Bites…Are They Worth The Price?

Gluten-free, ladies and gents, I swear.

Just to give you an idea. A bag of 50 Totino’s Pepperoni pizza rolls cost $4.49 (at Target).
Snow Days Uncured Pepperoni Pizza Bites cost $7.49 (at Target) for 10 pizza bites.

That’s wild. But unfortunately, I’ve gotten used to it.

If we’re looking at flavor comparisons, you can definitely tell a difference in quality between Totino’s and Snow Days. Snow Days is grain-free with no mystery ingredients, so it automatically gives it a boost. But if you’re not gluten-free, then I’d imagine you’d pick up Totino’s without even thinking twice. Is this something you’d have stocked every single week? Honestly, probably not. At least not in my home, but it’s great to know it’s available if you’re wanting a fun snack.

Good luck sharing it though…I ate half the bag just for my review!

I will say though that each of the pizza bites is completely stuffed with filling. In the five that I tried (you know, quality control), every single pizza bite was stuffed. I didn’t have one instance of biting into one and getting a pocket of air and a single pepperoni. To that I say–well done, Snow Days!

With such a successful taste test, I’d love to try all the other flavors that they have released.

Have you tried Snow Days Pizza Bites? What did you think? Let me know below and what other nostalgic snacks you’re trying to satisfy with gluten-free alternatives? I’d love to give them a try!

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