Daily Writing Prompts: Call Me Ishmael

January 5, 2017

Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

The loom had fallen silent. – Castle in the Mist by Miyuki Miyabe

The loom had fallen silent. The old woman fidgeted in her seat as she fought against her body’s desire to take a break. This was her duty. She sat at her desk after working tirelessly  on her current project–a ceremonial garb for the younglings in the village. It was a tradition that she took part in as well when she was young, but it did not mean she agreed with it.

Working on the beautiful, colorful craft was to be seen as an honor.

To watch the younglings recite the words of their ancestors and to watch them dance in time with the spirits that had haunted the village–there was no honor in that.


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