Graze: 6 Months Later

Howdy, my dears!

6 months ago or so I posted about starting my Graze subscription box. For those of you who don’t know who don’t know what Graze is, then let me remind you.

Graze Recap

*Graze: Healthy Snackin’ for a Busy Life
*Graze Box #2: Variety Box of Yummies!

 Graze is a monthly subscription box that specializes in sending you healthy snacks to add onto your diet. It’s a great addition to a busy lifestyle where finding the time to make a sandwich or even a salad is just not something that can be added onto an agenda. In your account you can customize what types of snacks you’d like included in your boxes, because not everyone is fond of the same things, like raisins, for example. By selecting your likes and dislikes, the folks at Graze can determine which snacks to include in your boxes.

In addition to selecting which snacks you’d like to try, and which ones you’d never even remotely desire to make an appearance in your box….you can choose the type of subscription box you’d like! I had the 8 snack variety box!


Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 3.37.15 PM.png
Click to learn more about what Graze offers in each box!


Unfortunately, as wonderful as this subscription was, I made the choice to cancel my orders with Graze. This decision wasn’t because something went wrong, but as a manager at a retail joint, I had to make some budget choices.

Sadly, making and saving money isn’t as easy as reaching out to a money tree and asking for more for all the goodies in my shopping carts online (and bills, of course). Funny enough, I had quite the wake up call while cleaning my room, which led to me thinking it was maybe wise to think about taking a break from Graze. Holy hell, I found about 4 Graze boxes that still had some snacks in them. Yikes. I hate to waste food, so seeing as I wasn’t consuming these goodies as quickly as I did back when I was in school, I had to make some decisions.

After canceling, I decided that it would be a good idea to step back and really review Graze after having experienced all the goodies that came with it for half a year. There’s definitely more to be said now than I had back when I first started the subscription. To recap, I was still a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) who barely slept and still managed to squeeze in 26 hours of work after my classes.

So, let’s get down to fun stuff!

Pros of Graze:

As a student who was constantly on the go and didn’t have time to grab more food on the go, I loved Graze and what it offered. I took two boxes with me for school and then was fine to get through the day until I had dinner at home. Although the boxes are rather small, the food is actually filling. We’re talking about seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and granola, for example. That can vary for other people, I’m sure, so this is merely my experience 🙂

Another pro of using Graze is definitely that the boxes arrived on time and in perfect condition. I never worried about my food being messed up in transit, so that gave me some peace of mind. I had my boxes schedule to arrive every two weeks, which worked out great with my school schedule. Once I finished off my snacks from one box, I was set with another without snacks piling up.

But seriously, the food was GREAT! Everything tasted fresh and it felt great to satisfy my sweet tooth with something that I wouldn’t end up regretting later!

Cons of Graze


Not many.

The only thing I can really say is that some of the snacks were getting a little repetitive for me. I personally wasn’t fond of the kern pops, and I received multiple snacks of that variety. As stated earlier, I hate to waste food, but those snacks I simply passed on to someone else in my family.

So, to learn from that, I’d recommend for Graze customers to definitely check off which snacks you wouldn’t want to get again to keep getting repeats of something you didn’t enjoy. I think I skipped a few, so that’s why I ended up with them. No hard feelings, Graze. I will always love you !

To put things simply: would I recommend Graze to people? Absolutely. I enjoyed this subscription box and I think that it’s perfect for people with a lifestyle that requires on-the-go snacking rather than multiple sit-down meals.

As I move on in my professional career, I definitely see myself going back to Graze for some healthy snacks so I have the energy to get through a 9-5 work day!

So, if you’re curious, hungry for something different, or need some healthy snacks delivered right to your door–give Graze a try! No harm in trying new things!


Now, I tip my iced vanilla latte to you my dears–till next time! More reviews and rambles are on the way!





Thoughts, Comments?

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