I Was Part of UIC History

Phew! I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I am officially done with lectures at The University of Illinois at Chicago! YAS! I did it! I came in as a transfer student from Harper College and I finished up my Bachelor’s in English at this great university.

It’s this last semester of my undergraduate career that I was able to take part in literal history at the university.  See, writing is my passion, and one can take their writing in every direction. Professional Writing courses taught us just that, however it wasn’t until this spring semester that a groundbreaking course was offered: English 383: Writing for Digital and New Media.


The class was designed, developed and taught by Dr. Margena A. Christian, a nationally published editor and writer whose work has appeared in weekly and monthly magazines along with online platforms, including Ebony, Jet, Ebony Man, Ebony South Africa and Ebony.com

This course taught us how to write for the rapidly changing world of digital and new media. We worked on our twitter pages, wrote biographies (and even obituaries), press releases, and even feature stories. Now,feature stories were a real wild ride, because one of the main parts of writing for digital and new media is being able to produce, edit, and publish our own work. We not only had to find our subjects, interview them, write our stories, but we also had to record them. Yes, getting footage was part of our job and as challenging as it was messing around with iMovie when I only did a short video prior to this project, it just so happened to be one of the most rewarding experiences. I can now say that I know how to get my footage and even put it together into a video I can post on Youtube.

Below is an example of the video I made for my feature story which can be found on my Weebly website. 

After gathering all our information for the individual assignments, we actually ended up creating our own websites that are hosted on Weebly.com. That was definitely a great experience. These websites are our portfolios, which show what we learned in our class over the course of the semester.

This is hands-down the best class I got to take at UIC.

Being part of the inaugural class has been an absolute honor. I highly recommend it to anyone at UIC, even if they aren’t English majors. The skills learned and refined in this class take your writing to the next level. Each business looks for people who are proficient in writing for digital and new media. The world is changing, everyone, it’s best to have the tools to OWN each and every opportunity.

By taking this class, I was able to improve my social media skills, which actually helped me land my very first freelance gig.

As Aaron Zamost told our class: “Embrace the random.”

With that I leave you (to go get some coffee before work)…

May your weekend be FABULOUS!


xOlga Ziminska




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