Week 12:”We Invite You to the Spring Commencement”

4 weeks left of classes.


In 4 weeks I’ll be done with my bachelor’s degree in English, and ready receive my degree on May 8th.


I haven’t thought much of what’s been happening lately aside from my assignments and my job. I figured the day would come eventually, but it never hit me quite as hard until I was actually holding that damn card stock invitation in my hands.

Wow…after 4.5 years of both community college and university fun times, I’m finally done.

Truth be told, I don’t know how I should feel. I don’t feel excited or scared, but I’m just stuck in a state of shock, I suppose. Like, “holy hell, this is happening” or “wow, I actually did it???”

In my Writing for Digital and New Media class we were fortunate enough to have a Skype interview with Aaron Zamost. He’s a remarkable person with quite the unorthodox beginning. From an Art History major to a communications powerhouse, I mean, this guy is amazing. All the information that he shared with us was so incredibly useful and enlightening (will write about this at another time), but I keep thinking of the first and last thing that he said:

Embrace the randomness.

As a senior about to graduate, that is something I really needed to hear. I may be graduating, but I don’t know what I want just yet. I know my passion is with writing, but where will I take my skills? There are things I could do in the meantime, but I look forward to the day where I can spread my arms and say:



You know, I know that we’ll all get there. In time…there is no rush. Enjoy and embrace each and every opportunity that comes your way. But don’t let yourself get stuck doing something that makes you miserable 🙂 That’s VERY important. Do what makes you happy!

Ah, as always, I tip my coffee  tea and wish you all a wonderful, wonderful day!




Thoughts, Comments?

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