Happy New Year (2 Months Later) : Inspirations

It’s been a while, my friends, but I am back with new goals.

I’ve always had a problem with New Year’s resolutions. Not the idea, but more so…the word: resolution. To avoid that strange stigma I feel each year of imminent failure, I’ve taken a stance this year not to stick to a resolution. In fact? Resolution.

Let this be a year of commitments. 

The last month and a half, my vague list of goals has expanded into pages of desires and goals I chose to set for myself.

Blogging more frequently just so happens to be one of those commitments.

This months I want to talk about inspirations.


As a writer, I’ve been hitting brick walls lately to the point that I had to take a step back. I think that we’ve all gone through the same situation. Whether it’s academic writing or the creative kind, there are days where words flow seamlessly without even having to think twice, while other days not even the most basic sentences come to mind at all.

From my own experience, I started to compile a list of things that help get those creative juices flowing.

  1. Change your setting
  2. Put together a new playlist 
  3. Open up the windows/ Go for a walk
  4. Try something new???

I’ve done 1-3, but it’s #4 that I’m going to be focusing on this year. It’s time to stop huddling in the safety of the same mundane agenda. I will work on letting inspiration for writing come from the experiences I’ve been holding off on.

So far:

I put myself out there and got my first freelance gig.

I ordered paintball passes.

I submitted applications for writing contests.

I gave online dating another shot.

Whaaaa? YES! And I’m feeling great!


What commitments will you make this month/year? 🙂

And with that, here I am once more: signing off with my coffee in hand and ready to tackle on this week! …Sorta






Thoughts, Comments?

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