Post Comic-Con Blues…(And More)

So, Comic-Con is now over, and has been for about 2 weeks now. It’s strange to think that 2 weeks ago I was seeing something other than flat land on every corner. Let’s just say that waking up in my own bed as a bit more disappointing than I thought it would be. I suppose the sight of mountains, houses on the sides of cliffs and even the obnoxious squawking of seagulls was pleasant (for that week, I’m sure), because it was something different. Let’s not forget about the freaking palm trees! My goodness! I don’t know why, but I always get so excited at the sight of palm trees. Again, it’s probably because it’s different.

So to state it plainly, I sound just about the same as everyone who has come home after an awesome vacation, hah!

Aside from my moping, Comic-Con was great actually. And now that I’m home, I can really give a good break-down of it.








As expected, the place was PACKED with people. In certain areas and even at certain times, feeling like a sardine in an already crowded can was a feeling that I’m sure just about every attendee could relate to at one point or another during their time at the Con. I’m looking at you Day-4 of Comic-Con! I’m staring right at you! In our case, at least. We had badges for Thursday and Sunday. Woo-hoo! The first and last days of the con! Luckily, we were still able to find some nice stuff to purchase seeing as on Thursday we were a little swamped with making sure our costumes basically didn’t suffer the pain of getting bumped into. We kept some super glue handy, so we were all set and it worked out!

So without diving into too much detail of what happened on Sunday…I can just say that the con experience from that first day was phenomenal. I never expected it to be THAT big. Yes, I’ve watched videos of panels, convention floors, and cosplay slide shows, but I never imagined that this place would be, dare I say it, at least 2-3 times bigger than Wizard World Chicago?! (I love you, Wizard World. Never forget that.) I was blown away, to say the least. Being there was definitely like an escape from reality, and if you could tell from my recent posts, I really needed it.

You’d think that if we were going to San Diego mainly for Comic-Con, we would be super bummed about not being able to get the 4-day pass. We were aiming for that, yes, but that didn’t really ruin our trip. At all. Having 2 days away (for the most part) from the convention center was really nice. We got to explore San Diego the way we wanted. Ahhhh, again, for the most part. Seeing as our 21st birthdays were in less than a month, there were some things we couldn’t really do, hehehe.


We got to go to the San Diego ZOO!


Oooooooh my lord, the ZOO! I haven’t been in a zoo in years! And to go to this one was such a treat! At $46 we were able to get a and go on some tours, although we didn’t do that. Not that it was a bad thing, because we walked around the entire place and saw all the animals! Well, the ones that were out. It was that time of day where a lot of the big cats were napping. How very cat-like, hehe! They were absolutely perfect. At the very beginning we got to see some stunning flamingos..UP CLOSE! I don’t recall ever being that close to an animal of any kind at the zoo’s in Chicago.

Okay, let’s get this straight, Chicago, I love you, but San Diego Zoo is well…you can’t really compare when the amount of animals they have exceeds what we have.



Aaaand if you recall, I did say that I really wanted to see a capybara, and I would make it my mission to find them….


I DID! I finally saw the cutest and largest rodent! The glorious capybara!

So really, the Zoo was a great experience in San Diego. If any of you have the opportunity to go there, I’d highly recommend it. It’s colorful, lively, and even walking around is an adventure. The terrain is rarely flat and it just make it that much more fun. It’ definitely fun for all ages–like all Zoo’s are [:  I would definitely love to go again some day.

Now…on Sunday.

Comic-con was even more packed than it was on Thursday.  We moved so slowly due to the mass of people in all directions, but we made it work as best as we could. I was definitely thankful that we didn’t cosplay that since our worries of having our armor messed up (as it was mainly just craft foam!) would have been through the roof! Since it was the last day of the convention, a lot of merchandise was on sale, but also sold out. In some cases, especially my friend’s case…it wasn’t great news, as she was on the search for the new Hawkeye Comic. Thankfully it’s available on the always trusty Amazon.  From what I’ve seen and heard about it…it’s hilarious and definitely worth taking a look at.

There is something pretty spectacular that happened on Sunday, and I will mention it now, but for all the full details…I’ll just make it a separate post, mainly because it dives into our writing topic. I attended a Comic Creator Connection workshop and it was something so different from all the things I’ve experienced with my writing. It was a wonderful program and I’m actually hoping to do it again some time. Needless to say…I’m really excited to tell you all about my experience and hopefully inspire many of your artists and writers to partake in this workshop if ever given the opportunity!


After what–3 weeks? I’m finally updating you all on my trip. I apologize with the scattered posting, but again, stuff has been insane and I’m just hoping it’ll begin to calm down for good….soon.

Alrighty, my dears! I will be heading off for the day now, but I will be checking in with you very, very soon 🙂 Up Next? the Adventure that is The Comic Creator Connection: San Diego 2014!

Now I am off to make some more coffeeee and I bid you all a wonderful day ❤


Thoughts, Comments?

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