Solitude Within a Crowd

Today I stepped out of my home. Seeing as I don’t have a car, I hopped on a bus and took the train downtown Chicago. With everything that’s going on in my life at the moment, I found that getting away was definitely what I needed. I’ve been home for a while–surrounded by phone calls, applications, and family drama that I will not stick my nose in. Sure I have my opinions on things, but in this case, my opinion will not change anything.

I suppose the topic of this post would have to deal with solitude.

Where can someone find this peace when living in a world when business is buzzing and finding a moment of silence is becoming a rarity? Where finding this silence requires going off into the country, are we giving ourselves the needed break from the buzz and stress of life? Let’s face it, life isn’t easy. When you take off the rose-tinted glasses that we might have worn during our teenage years, a lot of life can be pretty shitty. No way of even sugar-coating it. From my experience, I found solitude to be a feeling, a place, and even a treat. I don’t have the funds, so I can’t just go off to the country or leave my area. But the more I think of it, you don’t really need all of that to find some peace. I live in the suburbs and today I took a trip downtown Chicago. At first it was mainly to go check out where my college is located, as I haven’t been there yet (what a prepared person I am! haha!), but it turned into something more. I found that what I needed was not some island getaway, but a change of scenery. I went from the four walls of my room to the large and buzzing city–full of people who were headed to work, to school, and for some fun. Today, the Taste of Chicago is going on, so it’s guaranteed that the area will be buzzing with excitement over the wonderful musical guests and especially the goodies that all the food stands will be offering! You can’t go wrong with a wide-array of delicious food; you simply can’t!

So, I went from the quiet suburbs and straight into the noise and action of the city. Quite the opposite of what you’d expect when seeking peace, right? Here, when you’re walking down the street and trying to stay to yourself, no one really looks. There are enough people trying to do their own thing, so whatever you’re doing (unless you’re juggling or cosplaying, haha), then you’re really just part of the crowd. And I don’t mean that in a bad way at all! I truly don’t! Sometimes when you don’t have eyes on you, then you’re free. You don’t feel the pressure to do things a certain way, I suppose.

Now I’m seated at a Starbucks, enjoying their free wi-fi, and a shaken Preach Green Tea Lemonade (would highly recommend to those looking for something other than coffee on a hot summer day), and thinking of everything that has happened in the last 6 hours. I feel oddly at ease being on my own. I don’t need to make any phone calls; I don’t need to fix anything…I’m just here for me now. Having a hard time dealing with stress without working myself up into a sickness, I feel that stepping away was the medicine that I needed. Even if it’s temporary, I found my way to deal with my current situation.

There’s only so much that a person can handle till they reach their breaking point, so I think that finding that little slice of solitude, of peace, is essential to our development as individuals.  Of course, the way that I deal with it is not for everyone, I’m sure. It’s just like what people do to find inspiration. Some people may listen to music, while others may try out a new hobby a research, for the sake of their creative flow.

Which brings me to the end of my little update about my personal definition of solitude, I suppose. [:

I extend this topic to you, whoever you may be:

How do you make the time to find your peace? And how would you define peace and solitude in your own words? Do you have any special places, techniques to detach yourself ?


As always, I raise my cup of..well, tea today, and wish you all a beautiful and stress-free day! ❤

Take care!


Thoughts, Comments?

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