Not Gone. Nope.

hello animated GIF

Nope. Not dead. Not giving up.

Just stressed, haha.

So, what to say about this week that doesn’t sound so much like a rant?

Well, college offices can be a pain in the ass that bring me to the very brink of frustration and just–it’s a mess. The college I’m enrolled in seems to have lost THREE of my high school transcripts, two of which were sent electronically. So I’m sure you can understand my frustration and just ANGER when I’m here spending money on ordering transcripts and being told they don’t have it. Funny thing, I totally know that stuff was delivered (thank you,USPS tracking numbers…)

All in all, this week has been an absolute mess and I really just can’t wait to figure things out and be on my way to enjoying the years of debt 😀 But hey, it’s an investment in my future, right? Now, with some possible schedule set, I can actually expand my job search to the city where my school is instead of staying super local. Woo no car.


Enough of that


Next time, I hope to share some progress on my short story. With this setback, I haven’t been able to open up any of my word documents without feeling sort of…guilt. It’s a nasty feeling. Can’t even turn to my escape @___@

Ah well…

coffee animated GIF

On this quiet evening, I raise my cup of iced coffee and bid you all a splendid evening ❤


Till next time ❤


Thoughts, Comments?

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