{ XII }

Sorry for the silence, everyone.
I’ve been working on writing and posting a new chapter to one of my story blog.
Like my Legacy story, I write this story while using my Sims 3 game to illustrate it. The new chapter isn’t up yet (my game keeps crashing and being annoying), but it should be out in the next day or so [:
If you have the time, feel free to check it out! Maybe it would tickle your fancy? 🙂

Take care ❤

A Woeful Lotus

Life or perhaps, my existence, continued to move forward after my brother’s unannounced visit. It was startling how shaken the knowledge he shared with us left me. The life that I managed to reshape for me and my children was teetering on the brink of absolute chaos. Would things really come crashing back down to the point I would be forced back into hiding?

“I won’t let anyone hurt you or your girls. I promise you that, Lotus.”

Beau’s words rang in my head for weeks. They echoed when I needed comfort. His voice was so sure and it often did being the wave of paranoia down. It was my remedy when my hands shook while performing everyday tasks, like when I did the laundry, or even washed the dishes.


The method of remembering his kind words worked from time to time, although lately the result of my worries ended…

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