The Stress of Higher Education

I know this isn’t a new topic, but like comedians commenting on movies they were too young to see, I think that I will be doing the same thing regarding the struggle for financial aid and scholarships. I spent the last 2.5 years at a community college where tuition was affordable. Like, we’re talking less than $2,000. Transferring to a university….well, I’m just imagining the next 10-20 years of my life….paying back all that moolah. Ah well…such is life here, right?

Can’t gets job without a degree, and can’t make enough money to get that degree.

computer animated GIF

The student struggle is all too real, and I don’t know about you guys….but I think there’s  problem somewhere in that equation.

Long story short, I’m in the middle of a..struggle with financial aid for this fall. Woo. Amazing. There were some conflicts with my application which put some stuff on hold, which well, brought me to where I am now. I’m supposed to have some summer orientation this summer, where I’ll pick classes. I sure do hope that it won’t be happening July 23rd-28th, because I won’t be in the state.

Okay, okay…

I’m just getting frustrated thinking about all that, so how about an update on other things?

Regarding my new short story:

It’s coming along, to put it plainly. Moving past the opening scene and into a portion of new character introductions. Ahhh, the one good thing about having worked in an office setting was seeing, first-hand, how it functions and how people communicate. Even in a small office, there are little cliques–people who peer into your cubicle. So, in small words, things are moving along well, or well as they can in my current situation, haha!

Now, I shall wrap this up for the day as I plan on heading to the library, to request some job applications ! I’ve checked every day for these openings and they’re finally back! Oh man. The pay is pretty good and it could work with my schedule.

As, the struggle of adulthood, am I right?

Well, that was…something, haha. I’m hoping that things will start looking up soon. Hell, I’ll fight for it to happen. So now I will tip my future cup of coffee to you, my dears. I wish you all a splendid day/afternoon/evening 🙂

coffee animated GIF

Till next time!



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