“I’m Totally a Vegetarian, But I Also Eat Chicken. That’s Not Even Meat, Right?”

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Despite the title saying different, this post is not about a person’s dietary choices. I’m not bashing them either, as I can totally understand the reasons behind such decisions. What I’m actually here to talk about is something of a more…simple nature. At least when it’s written. What I want to discuss today is the validity of a person’s word, I suppose.

I haven’t posted an update in a few days as I’ve been a little swamped with working on costumes with my friend. We’re heading to San Diego’s Comic-Con this July, so it’s nearing crunch time for us to finish our stuff! Aside from that, I guess I haven’t been able to put together the words for a daily update, though after today, I can sit down and let the words flow freely.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

I’m the type of person who will stick to her word. If I tell you that you can trust me, then you can bet that I will remain loyal. If I tell you that I can’t stomach more than two pancakes without feeling ill, then you can bet on it that I’m not going to go over two. And if I say that I will cut ties with someone who has wronged me, or simply caused me to regress to someone I didn’t want to be, then there honestly is no way that I would go back on my word.

That’s basically what you’d expect when someone says something that is of a more serious nature, right? No exceptions, no “this is the last time”–none of that.

I believe that a person’s word is sacred. I believe that the things we say can determine how reliable we are, especially when you reach a certain age, right?

Now, if it’s something minor like not liking a food or doing homework, or whatever–people discover new things about themselves all the time, but not when it is something that will truly show others the type of person they are, right? How often will you stick to your word? How often will you slip up?

If there are more slip ups, then what’s one to think about you?

Sherlock Frustrated

I guess this came up because of some things that are going on, and it really made me think. Being the way I am, I guess I find the power of someone’s word really important. Been lied to way too many times.

Ah, well, I’m not going to bring this post down or guide it in some strange direction, haha! So, perhaps it’s time to press “Publish” and move forward! Maybe I’ll look into some Daily Writing prompts around here. Speaking of writing…I decided to set a 2 week deadline on my new short story. Hoping to stick to it, so I can begin to put together a collection of my works 🙂 Well, we’ll see, right? 😛

Anywhoooo, I sure do hope that all of you had an awesome weekend! First day of June, right?! Hot damn, we’re just speeding through this year!

Now, I tip my cup of coffee to you, my dears, and I wish you a splendid evening/morning/afternoon 🙂

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Till next time!





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