Strolling Down Memory Lane

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After a very humid Tuesday, it’s back to chilliness for us here. Sure, it’s only 60 F, but it’s quite a jump from 86 F, right?

But aside from the chills that have my arm hairs standing at attention, I got to go to my high school, again. Ah, the joys of transferring colleges…constant requests for transcripts from previous schools. Thankfully, I think this is it. The sooner I can get to picking classes and figuring out my financial aid, the better. Wonderful.

Buttttttttt, what I really wanted to bring up today is how strange it was to walk down the halls of an old school. I’m 20 now, so the last time I was in that school was…almost 4 years ago.  Sure, it wasn’t that long ago, but let me just say that things sure changed since I graduated. What was even better was that I managed to get there around lunch time, which meant that the hallways were cluttered with students whose faces weren’t familiar to me. See, the freshmen during my senior year are now graduating, so the halls are full of fresh faces who saw me as nothing more than a short chick with a visitors badge. Despite my unfamiliarity with the students, I found myself thinking back to the days where I wandered down those hallways. Yeah, not exactly the best memories, but they’re memories nonetheless.

For the first time, I got to see a high school from the eyes of an observer. I witnessed teenagers dancing in the hallway, kissing their significant others goodbye, and people taking part in some mock arguments. Being on the outside (while still looking like a 14-year-old kid), it was quite the experience. I’m not sure how I feel yet. Hmm…maybe it requires some reflection.

I suppose I do have a question for anyone out there reading this: Have any of you found yourself in a sort of…moment of reflection while visiting a familiar place that you haven’t set foot in, in a few years? A High school, old town…? 

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So now, I tip my cup off coffee to you, my dears,  Have a wonderful evening/day/afternoon [:

Till next time!



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